THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS  › 2012 RIVAL CLUBS SERIES FINALE   October 31, 2012 at 9:39am

RIVAL CLUBS TD "Agro" announced the results at the RC4, but I can report ;

M.V.D.S.A ---------------------- 47 points
C.C.D.G -------------------------45 points
C.G.D.G -------------------------35 points
S.S.N.W. ------------------------30 points

Players division leaders;
General-----------------------Hayden R.----8 points
Open -------------------------Chris W.------8 points
Masters-----------------------Terry S. 7 points / Lee H. 7 points
G. Masters -------------------Joe H. 8 points
Woman's ------------------Kenna M. 4 pts. / Connie V. 4 pts. / Lisa S. 4 pts
JRs ------------------------Austin M. 4 pts. / Braden S. 4 pts. / Johnny H. 4 pts.

With that note that there is QUITE a "RIVALRY" in masters, woman's and JRs to settle at the finale. You leaders that stand alone though, you will be rewarded for your consistent participation, you need to only place in your division and you will seal the deal as the champion of your division.