Terry Shuler  › The Mid Valley Open   October 19, 2012 at 6:10am

Would like to put a thanks out to some of our sponsors. Terry's auto Clinic, Stuck Electric Co., Tj's Superette, Carquest of Sheridan, Mac Auto Supply. Even though I didn't get any checks with MVDSA on them. I did raise plenty of money for Special Olympics. The field "gods" will be more than pleased.
Having the use of the field is alot more fun. Even more fun not paying for it. Well there's actually a $15.00 paper trail fee, but that's alot better than the $300.00 they would normaly charge. Smith's Cookie factory don't even let you park or trespass on that land. Tried to use the field in the past and was told no. When I started using the field it was because we were raising money for Special Olympics.