Brent Faubert  › Ichabod Crane Open   October 18, 2012 at 2:51pm

For everyone complaining about backups and floaters, there is no reason to complain. What happens when you lose your disc? A BACKUP happens. What happens when you are playing behind a slow group who takes their full allowed time on EVERY shot? A BACKUP happens. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Matt and Erin have done a GREAT job with every tourney I have played in at sleepy. They accommodate everyone and the tourney still goes off without a hitch.

Reasons why tournaments take longer is because last min drops and unplanned added players. It sounds like that Erin has a plan already to keep the flow moving and everyone happy.

And as for modified Hole 9, I posted my question to adjust my division if needed to play regular 9. And when Matt said all or none, I messaged him my opinion. IF WE PLAY SHORT 9 IT WILL BE FOR THE BEST FOR ALL SO WE KEEP EVERYTHING MOVING!

Simply put, if you can't control it don't worry about. And know Matt and Erin will do everything they can to keep problems from happening