Brandon Merzlock  › Farm Friz   April 4, 2012 at 7:45pm

Just went out and played the farm with JZ. If you haven't played here yet, you're missing out! We are going to have the 6 mini holes like JZ had last year. They will be not be part of your regular score, you will have to enter into a mini pot and we will play them as an alternate event. I like the mini holes, but am trying to keep all the GSS events as 2 18 hole regular rounds.

The Open Divisions will play from the black tees, Advanced and Intermediate Divisions will play from red, and the Juniors will play from the blue tees.

I haven't found out if I can get Discmania for the same price as Innova plastic, but if I can I will do the physco putter, gremlins, and tee devils.