Mike Michalak  › Frosty's Revenge III   January 28, 2012 at 4:28am

Weather for area is as follows: beautiful January conditions with 38 degrees for Saturday and only 30% chance of snow flurries during rounds.

Grounds are completely clear of snow with a few areas of puddles in the tree lines.

All teepads are completely salted in case any snow flurries occur between now and 10 AM tee off.

The applied salt will prevent the snow from sticking. I recommend water resistant foot wear for the fairway puddles.

Morning Round
Vienna has long and short pads with Pro, AM1, & AM2 playing Longs and AM women, AM3, & AM4 playing Shorts
Afternoon Round
Parmalee only has one set of tee pads so everyone well play the same pads