DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2016 *** 7th Annual ***   May 3, 2016 at 8:56pm

DGLA: MiCPS - Summer 2016 - Deadlines, HLW, & some Stats

DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2016 *** 7th Annual ***

May 8th 2016 Sunday - DGLA Player level registration cut-off Note we have 4 berths up for grabs, one is normally reserved for a women. Looks like we may have one this season so far. There are 10 players from Winter and two new players so far. Two of those already have berths to the Discraft State championship. Those are pretty good odds. Deadline to pay is May 8th. Send $30 to paypal account [email redacted]

May 22nd 2016 Sunday - Deadline for adding new leagues to the Point Series.

Ok how is the season shaping up so far?

16 week season
32 possible Counted Rounds
Sunday April 10th 2016 - Saturday July 30th 2016

27 leagues (Currently) ******** May 22nd last day to add new leagues ********
878 Total Rounds Played
336 Total # of Players
15,049 Total Points awarded

So many new players ask why is one of my rounds "Dropped" - to try and balance out those who can play several times in a week and those who struggle against schedules to get one or two rounds in we have a cap of your best Two rounds from Sunday to the following Saturday and the rest are dropped except Aces.

The leaderboard has also been updated with weekly and Monthly leaderboards. Taking a look at the first few weeks at the Number of Rounds and Points we see the player with the most rounds posted is Tim Gacioch "Jub Jub" with 4 in one week. That helped maximize his point total keeping his best two highest point rounds.

April 17-23, 2016
1 Tim Gacioch 4

Ypsi Dubs 2016 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays
2016 Cass Benton Monday Night Doubles
Huron Valley 2016 PDGA Sanctioned Summer Singles
WC Glow Spring/Summer 2016

Who has been able to collect the most points in a given week? Chilly with two rounds and an Ace to rack up 75 points in one week. Soon as the number of players increase as we hit summer like weather the big leagues will start to provide 60 points for the winner

WEEKLY April 10-16, 2016
1 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 75
1 win small league 18 pts, 3rd in a bigger league 32 pts and an Ace 25 pts.

Also Highlighted Leagues of the Week have started and that will be another big boast to points for those who make it out to play those rounds for Double Points!!!!

The Next HLW for this week is:

Sunday, May 8 10:30am Ypsi Dubs 2016 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays
Rolling Hills County Park · Ypsilanti, MI Double points!

Ypsi Dubs likes to put a CTP on every hole during our HLW and you never know what else maybe cooking up at an Ypsi Dubs round. There is also a Pre-round CTP for extra goodness if your early.

Doubles league - 40 all-time players

Luck of the Draw Doubles

16 week long league - Best 14 rounds

Sunday April 10th 2015 - Sunday July 24th 2016

Discraft Michigan State Championship berths will be awarded to the top two players who do not already have berths. Check out the www.MDGO.org for more details about these state wide championships. At least one berth will go to the women player with the highest point total between this league and the Ypsi Dubs Tuesday league, that does not already have a berth. Best 14 rounds of the 16 round season.

Top Player get their name of the Ypsi Dubs Holy Grail - Perpetual Growler trophy.

Top Three players get their name on the Ypsi Dubs Perpetual plague in the lodge at Rolling Hills.

$6 to play per round - Includes the standard CTPs (we add a CTP for every 12 players registered for a given round. Cash or prizes awarded.) Payout after each round.

Optional Ace Pool - $2.00 (Ace pool 50% payout)

Optional CASH CTPs, 100% & 50/50 - $2.00

$10 All In

Free Play option - We welcome all players, you can play for free. You are not eligible for payouts and you will be paired up with another Free player or Cali but we welcome you to come out and enjoy the round with friends.

You must be registered by roll call to play for payouts.


Ok what does it take currently to be in the top Ten?

Top Ten Average stats
153.7 Points
6.9 # of Rounds
5.3 # of Rounds Counted
26.635 Average Points per Rounds
30.006 Average Points per Counted rounds
1.4 Wins
0.5 Aces

124 Min points
214 Max points
90 Point Spread between 1st and 10th.

So nice shooting Chilly & Joe Wallo, each with two Aces to get things rolling. Those Aces for 25 pts (and hopefully some league cash ;-) are nice.

So for Wins there are three players with Two win each, Phil Common, Tim Gacioch & Peter Boucher but Jay B with 214 pts total and 6 league wins is our current leader and showing the winning strategy, Play often and Play consistently well.

Here is the top 20 currently and some extra stats for the Top ten.

Leaderboard Position Player Points Total Rounds Counted Rounds Total Rounds Ratio Counted Rounds Ratio Wins Aces
1 Jay B 214 12 7 17.83333333 30.57142857 6 0
2 Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common 194 10 6 19.4 32.33333333 2 0
3 Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 176 9 6 19.55555556 29.33333333 1 2
4 joe wallo 156 3 5 52 31.2 1 2
5 Tim Gacioch 140 9 5 15.55555556 28 2 0
6 Christian Sersha 138 5 4 27.6 34.5 0 0
7 Daniel J Lee 135 3 3 45 45 0 1
8 Danny Fifer 130 7 6 18.57142857 21.66666667 0 0
8 peter boucher 130 6 6 21.66666667 21.66666667 2 0
10 STEPHEN TIORAN 124 5 5 24.8 24.8 0 0
10 Jake Anderson 124 4 4 31 31 0 0
12 Mag1c Mike Visger 122 8 15.25
13 Jeff Hollinger WPD 116 4 29
14 John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan 114 5 22.8
15 Shane Wyatt 112 4 28
16 andy steiner 110 4 27.5
16 Eric Roberts 110 3 36.66666667
18 brent moreno "WPD" 109 6 18.16666667
19 Russell Taint 108 6 18
20 Tom Mannebach 104 6 17.33333333

So get out and enjoy this Spring weather, grab a few friends and bring them to league. They will love it and you will get more points in the MiCPS and with your friends for turning them on to the best league sport in the world.

Peace and Enjoy the Rounds!