William Gilbert  › 2011 30th Annual Discraft Great Lakes Open (DGLO)   August 11, 2011 at 6:40pm

Trophys cannot be made for divisions that don’t pre-register early enough or with enough people in them. These trophies are expensive to make and time consuming. We do not attempt to make money on the trophies just cover the cost for DGLO or any of our events.
There were only 1st place trophies for AM1, AM4, 1st and 2nd for AM2, AM3.
For the people who wonder why the small divisions (WOMEN in particular) did not get trophies. There were 7 women registered in 4 different divisions who should get a trophy there? If you give them one what about MM1 (8 Players) or MG1 (4 players)??

We at A3 (and I personally as well) support women at our events or any disc golf event, look at women’s payouts carefully!! Every Women got paid out, EVERY ONE!!! This was not done at the expense of any other division! The payouts were not lowered for the winners of any women division either. We were the first club in the state to run a women’s only tournament! Do not tell me we or I do not support women in disc golf.

The minimum % of payouts to a field is met by the player pack to 100% of the AM field.

We have no control on how this website works or control what it does. We cannot log the aces for the Green course sorry. We do not determine the hot rounds the site does.
Contact the sites help desk I guess.