Atlanta Disc Golf Organization   February 21, 2015 at 3:40am

*** ADGO Bag Tag Update for event (#4) - URGENT ***

After much deliberation and communication with the GDGO and the Gwinnett Parks and Rec Dept, the decision is being made to hold the ADGO Bag Tag event (#4) at Alexander Park on Sunday at 2pm. LMP has been closed by the Gwinnett County Parks and Re****il further notice. The course has been deemed a SEVERE safety hazard and they will not open it for play until they can assure the public it is 100% safe to enter the course. They anticipate reopening the course by next weekend and will try to the best of their ability to get it open sooner.

I have to express my sincere gratitude to Jason Oherron and Ryan Harris for keeping me informed on accurate and timely information to be able to make this difficult decision less than 48 hours before event time.

Thank you to the Atlanta disc golf community for your understanding and cooperation with this change!

Hope everyone enjoys this first run at a Kick-Off weekend and has tons of fun regardless of the impending weather!