Rick Saffeels  › CV Bagtag Extraveganza   May 31, 2014 at 3:39am

GREAT DAY FOR FROLFERS! Dane and Luke took the low score of 50 in the Advanced Division (Dane won our 90 Disc Wooden Rack and Luke also won the Turkey Pot and Prodigy CTP), Steve Jones come from behind win, Lee with the Dynamic Disc CTP, Rick Saffeels with the $$CTP, and Carl "Snap" with the Prodigy CTP.
ERIK! Hitting the Ace on his first throw but it was a warm up throw on Hole 3 as we were walking to Hole 4! That was a $190 warm up throw that cashed out...for 5th place :) Thank the Lord for the amazing weather! Great job to Steve Moore for all the countless hours of work on the course, Joe Chase for helping me with set up, and Lee Hartman for helping with tear down. Great League for 35 weeks is over! PEACE.

Rick Saffeels   May 30, 2014 at 7:40pm

Also Ira with the CTP after payouts for the Prodigy Towel & Ace for $20 bucks (awesome)