Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   May 21, 2014 at 4:57pm

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 5/20 Round: 53 Players in Paradice

What a beautiful day at the Rolling Hills Disc Golf course. No rain, some sun, blue skies and some puffy white clouds as a backdrop for 53 player to enjoy the Tuesday evening round. So relaxing I did not believe Russell Taint Aced Hole 10 on the card in front of us. No yelling ,cheers or shouts of joy. I Thought $116 is enough to get all excited about and on Hole 10 you get to watch it all the way in the basket ;-) Nice Shot! Taint

New Course Work Day -
Many have indicated that they would like to help work on the new course layout - Make the dream a reality. THANKS! We will try and schedule some work days but it is hard for me to schedule, I normally just head out when I can escape BUT tomorrow at 6:00 we will be out trying to wrap up the new Holes 4,5,6,& 7, which are playable but can use some TLC. They all have Totem pole (Orange 2x4) basket markers and have had some mowing. I grabbed some pictures and some quad copter video which I will post soon for those who can not get out but want to monitor the progress. If you can make it out Thursday any time between 6:00 and 9:00, I have 2 lobbers, 2 hand sickles but any hand tools would help. Make your mark, Make the Dream a reality.....

A big Ypsi Dubs Welcome to several new players - I was not able to link them all so let me know if I have your name wrong or respond with email addresses so I can link you:

Nate Mullins
Mike Christian
Mike Carey
Kenny B
Alex Fiszbein (Linked)
Joel McGinley (Linked)

CTPs for the round:
Hole 2 $10 Taggart Anderson
Hole 3 50/50 $26 Timmy Redman
Hole 4 $10 Jeff Lozowsky
Hole 7 Treasure Chest - Bryan "Soup" Campbell
Hole 8 100% $52 Sheldon Bowen
Hole 11 Treasure Chest - Jacob Quiton

For having several power teams the scores were a bit low but a -15 by Mark Manard and Daryl Ballios for $90 was representing and took first place outright for 56 pts. Nicely done gentlemen. -12 was last cash with a four way play-off.

Here are the results after the Play-off dust had settled.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Rolling Hills County Park
Doubles round Short tees, 18 holes
Partners Payout Points
1st -15 39 Mark Manard and Daryl Ballios $90 56
2nd -14 40 Mike "World Champ" Raley and Jim (JD) Daniels $50 50
3rd -14 40 Jamie Mosier and Geoff Bennett $40 50
4th -13 41 Chilly Chillson and Taggart Anderson $30 48
5th -12 42 Smitty The angry lefty and Ken Sailler $20 40
5th -12 42 Sam Smith and Ken Parks $20 40
7th -12 42 Josh McLendon and Jeff Lozowsky $10 40
7th -12 42 Timmy Redman and Mike Carey $10 40

Peace and Enjoy the Rounds