Mr. Snap    May 14, 2014 at 5:18pm

Thursday Throwdown at Waterloo Info!

This week 5-15-14 will be singles stroke play with one 20 hole in is $5 (half the field will double up)

Sign Up 5:30pm....Tee Off 6pm

There will also be an optional $1 ace pot entry...$1 cash CTP entry...and $1 UNLIMITED MULLIGANS!

This weekly event will coexist with a 4 month points race....optional $2 buy in....players will receive 1pt for showing up....2pts for cashing....and will have an opportunity to earn more points during play for a total of 5pts max per event.

Players can choose to buy in for all categories or just ace pot or ctp or lg points or just for the double or nothing round!


See Ya On The Green!