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May Meeting Minutes: 5/6/14, 7pm

Officers: Jeremy/VP, Louie/Treasurer, Toni Rae/Sec

Members present: Rick Cramer, Thad Murgadisc, Justin Lawson

501c3 status
•Hilltop is a 501c3 status already. ADGA does not have years of history of necessary bookkeeping to obtain the federal non-profit necessary by next year. Hilltop has agreed to be involved with accessing the sponsorship because Hilltop already has a 501c3 status.
•Adam K., Jeremy B, Rick C, Andrew D. should plan to continue these discussions as team, contact them if you have anything to contribute
•What would this look like?

State nonprofit

•misunderstanding about current state nonprofit status; state does not yet recognize the ADGA nonprofit status and currently reports 'inactive'
•most current documents were filled out in 2009 and (re)authorized in 2011.
•Toni Rae: find out what needs to be done, then do it, be in touch with anyone else as necessary


•Board discussed on 3/4/14 raising annual dues
•currently $25 to be member, $20 to renew
•these are original dues established 11 years ago
•currently get a disc

•costs of operation have gone up
•insurance premium is going up (again)
•permits for parks have increased in last 11 years too
•inflation happens in the world and it's time to keep up

•recommended increase: $40new member/$30renewal
•would receive getting a disc and a mini
•start date: January 1, 2015

ADGA $ (May)

•2 Wednesday events
•4/2: 22 people
•4/9: 12 people
•$34 from members

•3 new members
•$75 (3 x $25)

•5 renewals
•$100 (5 x $20)

•Louie: contact Dale for spreadsheet support
•Spent: $314
•$300 for league finale
•$14.95 for website (monthly due)

•follow up on bank card: no changes in name
•Paypal account: can only be connected to ADGA account with an EIN number
•current state nonprofit status needed

•Members in the know: Current Paypal accounts used for tournament registrations are linked to the TD's personal accounts (presumably)

States: Fri-Sun, 1 round per day at Kincaid

•Thad emailed Louie to request funding for permit
•Officer mtg 3/4: board elected to contribute $1250
•suggesting $250/day for park permit, $500 added cash
•Adam (was to) process $ available with Thad

•Adam: clear up with Thad: is this ADGA event or Moose Pretzel
•who is getting reimbursed?

•Member questions: Is there a Rec division for States? Familiar people want to play!
•Player's package, prices for divisions: all details on DG Scene
•Getting ready: Thaddeus-What needs to happen locally to prepare for states? Course maintenance? Should there be scheduled times or signups? time to delegate!

Skinny Raven

•sponsored last year's tourney for 50 discs, ADGA asked for a little more
•They agreed to front 100 discs, with reimbursement expected for 50
•This means their level of support is essentially the same


•register online now for any upcoming event at Hilltop!
•accepted sponsorship from Play it Again Sports
•Lots and lots and lots of work done here throughout the month of april
•9 new holes! Expected to be near final at end of May/beginning of June
•Bag tags for sale now!! $15
•support building more holes in Anchorage!!

•Weekly leagues anticipated: Tuesday single leagues (PDGA sanctioned), Ladies single league the same night.
•Time and start to be announced

•Thank you Thad Murgadisc and Justin Lawson, John Thien, Will Harrison, Jeremy Boyd, Adam Klein, Joe Schact! Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your effort! It is recognized!
•Lots of new ideas coming from here! Get involved, participate, and be in the know!

Double Trouble

•June 7-8
•reg, food, stuff all available!
•Collector series G-star Destroyers number 1-50: help fundraise!
•register online now!

Website update

•Andrew DiRoma and Lou Dogg continue discussions about update

Alert! Changes!

•Jailhouse Roc dates may be changed! Undecided yet, do not put it on your final calendar as of now!!

To Do

•Toni Rae: Finalize/update our state nonprofit status
•Lou Dogg: in touch with Andrew about website, Dale about spreadsheet
•Adam: continue fundraising details
•Adam, Jeremy, Rick, Andrew: group up and make a plan for establishing federal nonprofit
•what will this take

•Brian: finish permitting and be in touch with other officers or TDs about anything related

Next Mtg: First Tuesday of June/6-3-14, 7pm at Hilltop Ski Area

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Thad Murgatroyd   May 9, 2014 at 5:33am

Thank you to the board for your hard work and thanks Toni for taking great meeting minutes . The only edit I see is that my last name is Murgatroyd and not the cool new nick name Murgadisc lol

Toni Osiecki   May 16, 2014 at 2:30pm

haha, I couldn't remember for sure and that's what I thought it just didn't sound right at the time, and I didn't want to be wrong lol