Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League -={Church}=- Suuuuundays   May 5, 2014 at 10:48pm

Ypsi Dubs ~={CHURCH}=~ News: HLW & New course layout at Rolling Hills

Just a quick note on our HLW and the new course at Rolling Hills

DGLA MiCPS Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) has been scheduled for June 1st to kick off the HLW and Double Points. More details to follow. If the Ace pool continues to climb it could be a very big round.........

Sunday June 1, 2014 10:30am Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League -={Church}=- Suuuuundays
Rolling Hills County Park Double points!

Also we are going back into the new area of the park and trying to get the layout nailed down so the proposal can be submitted. The new courses is on the Master Plan but no funds allocated yet. The Park manager Steve retires in December, he has been our champion for getting this new course in and so we want to get the proposal submitted before he leaves. If you have interest in assisting we plan on getting the basic course laid out and get the holes near the current course cleared and playable and then expand outward. After being able to play them they may get tweaked, which is critical to get done before any crews come in to help clear or put in pads and baskets.

You can see some painted stakes in the new area marking approximate tee pads and basket placement for about 18 holes so far. We will try to get totem poles to mark the basket locations to make the holes more playable as we go. Work will being out from behind hole 1 basket and Hole 2 tee pad. We have 18 holes currently laid out but are trying to get 24 in the design. Hole 1 is located near the end of the soccer fields near the new parking lot as you drive around the circular drive.

Also a Big THANKS! to Johnny B for the eggs and ham breakfast and "Juice" for everyone at ~={CHURCH}=~ this last Sunday. AWESOME Johnny

Enjoy the Rounds