PANAMA CITY CHAIN GANG   February 17, 2014 at 3:19pm

Upcoming Events!

We will be having Handicaps at Under The Oaks on Saturday, February 22nd. Two rounds of 18...Flex start: Show up anytime between 9am to 10am to complete your two rounds for scores to be calculated into the handicap system.

On a side note, FSU course will be closed due to general maintenance and concreting teepads from February 23rd through March 1st (possibly longer). Also, FSU will be holding an open house on February 22nd so there will be a full campus with the possibility of overcrowding on the course.

Our next club meeting will be March 1st at Joe Moody at 9am. Everyone is invited to this meeting to voice any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments!

Hope to see everyone out on the course!