DGLA: Oregon Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014   January 8, 2014 at 9:22pm

DGLA: OrCPS-W Stats & more ***

DGLA: Oregon Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014 (1st Annual)

8 participating leagues
85 total players have played a participating league round so far to date.

We are in Week 7 of the 14 week Oregon State Wide Disc Golf Cooperative Point Series Winter (OrCPS-W)

It all wraps up Saturday Mar 1st 2014

The OrCPS is FREE to all Disc Golf Scene players who play participating OrCPS leagues. You are competing for the title Oregon Disc Golf League Winter Champion.

DGLA Lifetime Membership is currently FREE

Return on investment - PRICELESS

Also the last day to add a new league to the OrCPS – Winter is Jan 15th as well.

So what's been going down throughout Oregon leagues in the last few weeks? Well I'm not in Oregon and I am not out playing your leagues so all I have is these stats to comment on. I'd love to add any insights, crazy happenings and any local color anyone is willing to share. Otherwise I will just scan the stats and see who is doing what. The other thing that would help is a few pictures of leagues, registration, some play, the weather ect. Post the pictures on your profile and in the Album setting link them to your league, then everyone can get a view of disc golf throughout the state or across the country.

Ok for the month of December (1st – 28th) , two days after the 28th, Disc Golf Scene magic happens and the special weekly Leaderboards lock – only those rounds posted to that points are included.

The overall leader board updates when ever a league round is posted or updated.

The results - Players get extra Achievement Bling on their profile pages and the special leaderboards memorialises the achievements; the most Rounds played and most Points accumulated during a week, and Month, as well as most Wins and most Leagues played for the month.

It’s currently week 7 so everyone still has time to climb the leaderboard. Let’s take a look at who is playing and who is achieving.

Greatest points accumulated in a week for the month of December:

Well two players managed to amass 46 points. They each played two rounds during that week and both won both rounds that week.
- scottishrob - - week 4 - played Lunar League "Traveling Glow" & Liquid Sunshine PDGA League

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS - Week 3 - played Liquid Sunshine PDGA League & D.O.R.C.s (Day Of Rest Crew)
I loved this comment:
"My first "LIQUID SUNSHINE" round. Thanks Steve W. for hosting this league. DGLA Oregon Cooperative Points Series brought me out to a this league. Winter disc golf is always a joy with these guys."

This is what the OrCPS is supposed to encourage - more players getting out to more leagues and sharing and spreading the fun. THANKS "BEAST"

The next highest weekly point getters during December were:

Rick Saffeels 42
Rick Saffeels 39
Rick Saffeels 38
Josh Pittsburgh Steelers Parker 38
bryan van fleet 34
" LUCKY " 34
Steven Egler 32
Mike Wilson 31

Note they did not have to win each round but by playing at least two rounds a week they maximized their point total and stay within striking distance.

The OrCPS - uses your two best rounds and drops the others - Play a third round drop your worst round - maximize your points. It's a long winter - anything can happen.

So who Played the most rounds in a given week?

Most rounds played in a given week for December was 3, achieved by two players.

Rick Saffeels 3 week 5
Erik Gyllenskog 3 week 4

The next highest number of rounds in a given week was 2 rounds, Several players made it out for two rounds multiple times in December:
THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS 2 week 3,4 & 5
Rick Saffeels 2 week 3 & 4
- scottishrob - 2 week 4 & 5
Erik Gyllenskog 2 week 3 & 5

The remaining die-hards, who ensured they got at least their two rounds in for the week:
Steven Egler 2 week 5
bryan van fleet 2 week 5
Josh Pittsburgh Steelers Parker 2 week 5
Shawn Madden 2 week 4
L Bledsoe 2 week 4
" LUCKY " 2 week 4
Mike Wilson 2
Tiger Discs 2

Way to get out and enjoy the rounds even in Winter guys.

Ok now let’s look at the December overall stats:

In a 14 week Point series a good week is great but consistency helps alot. Just getting out each week will keep you near the top and the ultimate is consistently winning but there are a lot of other players out there trying to do the same.

Most Rounds

1 Rick Saffeels 8
1 Erik Gyllenskog 8
4 " LUCKY " 6
5 - scottishrob - 5
6 Tiger Discs 4
6 Josh Pittsburgh Steelers Parker 4
6 bryan van fleet 4
6 Jesse Walker 4
6 Michael Schmidt 4
6 aaron walker 4

Most Leagues

1 Erik Gyllenskog 4
1 Rick Saffeels 4
3 - scottishrob - 3
3 " LUCKY " 3
3 Chris Hanna 3
7 mike albertson 2
7 aaron walker 2
7 Jeremy Fancher 2
7 Shawn Madden 2
7 L Bledsoe 2
7 Chadwick - Acerbinky 2
7 Michael Schmidt 2
7 bryan van fleet 2

Most Wins

1 - scottishrob - 3
1 Rick Saffeels 3
4 Chris Hanna 2
4 Jeremy Fancher 2
6 josh pierce 1
6 Justin Holton 1
6 Hayden Rue 1
6 Dustin Smith 1
6 david mck 1
6 Dallas Trower 1
6 bryan van fleet 1
6 Phil Wright 1


1 Rick Saffeels 142
3 Erik Gyllenskog 90
4 - scottishrob - 89
5 " LUCKY " 84
6 bryan van fleet 71
7 Jeremy Fancher 70
8 Josh Pittsburgh Steelers Parker 68
9 Chris Hanna 61

OK great weekly and monthly achievements by everyone at the top of the leaderboards.

The trends for December are pretty clear. The players who got in their two rounds each week for most of the weeks are near the top. Wins helps - collecting the most points for a given round as seen by
Rick Saffeels & THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS - both with three Wins for the month and in spots 1 & 2 for overall points for the month. Now Erik Gyllenskog shows us that you don't have to win ever round to collect a bunch of points and stay within striking distance for the long haul. He is Third on the monthly overall points with 8 rounds like Rick Saffeels. Let the games Continue......

Lets where the overall standings are currently:

LEAGUE LEADERS (Out of 85 Players participating so far)

All Leaderboards » Overall Points

Player Points Rounds
1 Rick Saffeels 185 11
2 - scottishrob - 180 10
4 Erik Gyllenskog 143 13
5 Chadwick - Acerbinky 123 7
6 aaron walker 113 8
7 Josh Pittsburgh Steelers Parker 104 6
7 " LUCKY " 104 7
10 Jesse Walker 102 8
11 Dennis "Swami" Swanson 97 8
11 Chris Hanna 97 5
13 Tiger Discs 94 7
14 bryan van fleet 89 5
15 mike albertson 86 6
16 Matt Hurt 83 5
17 Mike Wilson 81 6
18 Michael Schmidt 77 8
20 Will Wagman 72 4

Ok so some of the secrets are pretty obvious.

The more rounds you play the higher the probability you will learn new skills to improve your game.

The more you improve the better your finish and the points help track that for you.

Getting out even when the weather is challenging. You are used to playing in differing conditions - your ready for any situation.... It's also great to be out on the course in different conditions to experience the full range of beauty that our parks offer us.

The more leagues you visit the more you learn about how different groups run their leagues, side games, new ideas, and these ideas spread. You also meet more players, make new friends and find new players to play with.

Like weather conditions courses change the game as well. The more courses you play the better you are at assessing the course and your find your throw more veriety of shots, versus playing the same holes the same way each round.

Welcome to all the new players. Great to see all the regulars on the leaderboards week after week.

Thanks again to DiscGolfScene for all the auto-magic that makes this possible and the League Coordinators who make leagues happen week after week, in every condition possible, so we can play some more Disc Golf...

Everyone enjoy the Winter league rounds - Stay Warm and Safe.

Rick Saffeels   January 8, 2014 at 12:18pm

I read the whole thing. It's like a blog! Nice work Foz!

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   January 9, 2014 at 4:04pm

I'm so stoked for this points league!

samuel smith   January 9, 2014 at 7:09pm

it's alot of fun