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As per request of the meeting today

January 10,2004

Alaska Disc Golf Association Charter

Article I. Purpose

Section 1. This organization has been formed to promote Disc Golf in the Anchorage, Alaska area. We as a group will endeavor to seek growth in numbers who participate as well as expansion of the venue where we participate. We seek to further these goals by engaging in conduct that will be beneficial to the growth of disc golf. This organization will be a non-profit organization. All profits from sales of merchandise, donations, club events etc. will be used to repair club facilities and courses and to promote, improve, and expand disc golf in the Anchorage, Alaska area. We also strive to be catalysts for the highest quality competition on the amateur and professional level. In addition, we will encourage and promote participation in the Professional Disc Golf Association and its events.

Article II. Members

Section 1. Membership to this organization will be will be open to all that wish to join. The title of Honorary Member may be given by the President or by the voting membership. These memberships will be given at no charge for one year and may be renewed. These members will receive all benefits of regular membership.

Membership Privileges

1. To vote at ADGA membership meetings on club issues.

2. To hold office or direct a committee.

3. To have comments to committees duly considered and acted upon.

4. To receive a new disc ( New members only).

5. To receive a discount when purchasing club discs.

6. To receive a discount on League Play Events.

7. To receive “Ace Fund” money for a Hole in one provided there are at least 2 witnesses. Non-Members can win Ace money if they are paid in.

Section 2. Persons wishing to gain membership shall surrender a $25 fee, those who renew their membership shall do so annually on or before 1 January. The renewal fee will be $29. These fees can be adjusted once annually by a simple majority vote of the current members attending a fees meeting. A fees meeting will be deemed a special meeting (Refer to Article III Section 3).

Section 3. Membership may be revoked and a member expelled from the club if two-thirds of current members, attending a special removal meeting, vote in favor of removal of that member. An expelled member is prohibited from participation in all club sponsored events. This does not include PDGA events. The ADGA may inform the PDGA of the expelled members action.

Article III. Meetings

Section 1. Meetings will be held at least once a month, typically the first Saturday of every month.

Section 2. A quorum of a membership meeting shall be formed by a simple majority of club members.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called if ten days notice is posted to the current membership. Postings to take place on course bulletin boards at each course that is under club supervision and/or via email or web site.

Section 4. Membership meetings and other meetings shall be chaired by the highest available officer, with Robert’s rules of order used as the authority for all procedural questions.

Article IV. Elections

Section I Nominations and elections will be held for all offices at the December meeting, each position is for a term of one year or when the next elections are held. Voting will be held by secret ballot executed by the club secretary. Nominees must acknowledge and approve of their nomination before voting takes place. Transfer of duties shall take place immediately. Transfer of all materials should be timely and efficient.

Article V. Officers

Section 1. Officers of this organization will be president, vice president, secretary, treasure, public relations director, web page manager and tournament coordinator.

Section 2. The current members will elect officers of this organization annually in December.

Section 3. An officer may be removed with just cause. This action requires a two-thirds vote of the current members attending a special impeachment meeting. A current club officer must bring the motion.

Section 4. A vacancy in any office may be filled by a majority vote during any scheduled meeting. The position will be filled for the remainder of the vacated term.

Section 5. There shall be no limit on the number of terms an officer can serve.

Section 6. The president will be chief executive officer of the organization. It will be the duty of the president to preside at all club meetings and to have general supervision of the organization.

Section 7. It will be the duty of the vice president to act in the absence of the president and also to perform such duties that may be assigned by the president, or the board. The vice president shall sit on all special committees. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall hold the same force as the president.

Section 8. The Secretary will be responsible for keeping all organizational records.

The secretary shall post, or cause to be posted all notices of meetings, special meetings, and all other notices required by these by-laws. The secretary will be the custodian of all books, correspondence, and papers relating to the business of the organization, except those of the treasurer. Secretary will prepare and present to the membership any reports as may be required, to include minutes from the previous meeting.

Section 9. The treasurer shall have general charge of the finance of the organization. When necessary and proper, the treasurer will endorse on behalf of the organization all checks, draft notes and other obligations. The treasurer will deposit these and all other funds into a designated account with a bank selected by the organization. The treasurer will keep full and accurate account of these transactions as well as disbursements of club funds. The treasurer will maintain this record in a ledger belonging to the organization, which will be open at all times to the inspection of the officers. At each monthly meeting the treasurer will present a report of the previous months transactions to the membership present. Club officers may request a similar financial report at any time. The president and other designated officers will also be co-signers for club purposes.

Section 10. Public Relations Director.

Section 11. Web Page Manager.

Section 12. Tournament Coordinator (TC) shall be responsible for maintaining the physical upkeep of the courses with the help of other ADGA members. He will coordinate tournaments: work closely with the respective parks and recreation and upkeep the bulletin boards. The TC will regularly record and surrender club revenue to the treasure. TC’s and all members should assist players of all levels in improving their skills, act as ambassadors for the club and encourage membership.

Section 13. Club Vendor. The club vendor is not an officer position. It is an appointed position to a responsible individual who shall be responsible for purchasing merchandise for the club i.e. golf discs, shirts, hats, etc. The vendor will not spend any club monies without gaining the approval of at least two other club officers and the club president or vice-president. The vendor will keep accurate inventory and properly distribute merchandise for others to sell as he sees fit and hold them strictly accountable for said merchandise. All monies from these sales will be turned into the club vendor, who in turn will record transactions and turn in sales to the treasurer in a timely manner. It is not unusual for the office of treasurer and vendor be combined due to the nature of their duties. Every effort will be made to keep prices competitive with local stores as to not out do each other but work together. ADGA membership discounts should apply if possible.

Section 14. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the organization shall have the power to spend up to Fifty Dollars of club funds for the purpose of promoting the sport of disc golf. They must notify one other officer before spending the money. Any expenditure above Fifty Dollars must be approved by at least two other club officers. All club money spent will be accompanied by a sales receipt and turned into the treasurer in a timely and efficient manner.

Section 15. Any person responsible for club funds is responsible for surrendering those funds on a timely basis. Any officer or club member responsible for club funds and uses said funds for unauthorized purposes will be subject to disciplinary action. The officer or member will be suspended from club functions and a disciplinary meeting will be held. This meeting will take place with all officers and the party involved. The officers will render a decision as to the punishment (membership revoked, PDGA notified, etc.) with a majority of club officers in agreement. All current officers must vote for this action to be valid. If warranted, the proper authorities will be notified.

Article VI. Amendments

Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the current membership attending a special amendment meeting. As with all “ Special meetings”, the amendment meeting is to be posted in accordance with Article III Section 3 of these by-laws.

Article VII. Committees

Section 1. The officers can designate a committee of current members to handle any special task. The vice president shall sit on all committees.

Section 2. A standing committee shall exist to which members can take all grievances concerning competition sponsored by the club. This committee will consist of the vice president and course officials. The committee shall render a ruling within seventy-two hours of the end of the grievance hearing.

Section 3. A member must begin the grievance procedure by submitting a written account with-in twenty-four hours of the incident. Upon receiving a written account the vice president will convene a hearing to air related arguments and testimony. The committee shall render a ruling within seventy-two hours of the end of the grievance hearing.

Section 4. A member that has filed a complaint or had a complaint filed against them may appeal the committees decision by notifying the vice president, and by verbally appealing the decision at the next monthly meeting. Club officers and course officials may overturn or sustain the committees decision with a majority of the officers or course officials voting to overturn or sustain.

Section 5. Course Revision Committee.

Section 6. New Course Development Committee.

Article VIII. Dissolution

Section 1. In the event of the dissolution of the club a tournament shall be held for all current members. All members will be notified at least 30 days before. This will be the responsibility of the current officers. The treasurer will first pay all outstanding debts of the club and all remaining assets (i.e. cash, discs, shirts, etc.) will be disbursed to the membership at the conclusion of the tournament. Every effort will be made to distribute all assets to all the members present as fairly as possible.

Article IX. Acceptance of Officer Position

Section 1. By signing below you accept the terms of these bylaws and commit to doing the best

You can at fulfilling your position. You also accept responsibility for your position and give full support to the ADGA and its decisions. You are an important part of the success of this club and the promotion of the sport of Disc Golf in Alaska.

Chuck Petit

President Vice President

Greg Dart

Secretary/Treasurer Public Relations Director

Ed Roberts

Tournament Director

Robbie Rollins

Web Page Manager

Jeremy Boyd   December 18, 2013 at 2:16am

Thanks Brian!

Brian Gutzwiller   December 18, 2013 at 2:34am

Your welcome.

James Beckner   December 18, 2013 at 3:10am

so these are the rules from 2004?

Brian Gutzwiller   December 18, 2013 at 3:11am

I think the best path forward for the club would be the following (my opinion / suggestion ) 1. Have nomination and hold elections following current by-laws. 2. Newly elected board ratify and sign by - laws (as is with no special amendment meeting Article VI.section 1) 3. Take newly signe ... more

Brian Gutzwiller   December 18, 2013 at 3:16am

James, these are the historical by - laws of the ADGA.

Jeremy Boyd   December 18, 2013 at 10:21am

I agree with Brian, the first priority should be to elect the board. It does appear that there are some amendments that could be made (it's $20 to renew an ADGA membership, not $29) - but this should take place once we've held elections. It should be noted that the bylaws state that the ... more

kurtis schoenberg   December 18, 2013 at 12:22pm

Thanks for posting these Brian and apologies for not making it last night. I had an emegrency come up that I needed to attend to. I would suggest that all ADGA members but old and new take a very close look at these bylaws and ask themself if they feel comfortable or not with them. Do we want the ... more

Thad Murgatroyd   December 18, 2013 at 1:52pm

I agree with Brian and Jeremy on the need for a elected board . It should be our first priority . We have a solid group of commited people who are willing to put in the work needed to grow the sport. I do ghink it may be time for a Anchorage based club but that is for future discussion , I did notic ... more

kurtis schoenberg   December 18, 2013 at 2:23pm

I don't understand how we can elect a board when we don't even know what the ADGA stands for and who it represents. How can we go ahead and elect a board if we still aren't sure if the ADGA encompasses the entire state or just Anchorage? If the ADGA encompasses the entire state then ... more

josh stewart   December 18, 2013 at 3:34pm

I think that if the change is going to be made then a new state wide "umbrella" association needs to be made. Not a rewrite or redefinition of what the adga was/is. I think everyone is missing the point on how important renewing non profit status is, to protect our members who's names are attached to the association directly. There's tax issues involved

kurtis schoenberg   December 18, 2013 at 4:42pm

That is fine with me Josh but the ADGA needs to be known as the Anchorage Disc Golf Association and not the Alaska Disc Golf Association. I agree renewing our non profit status is LONG overdue. we have tried for years to make this a reality and it seems like it was always one thing or another. We d ... more

Jeremy Boyd   December 18, 2013 at 4:50pm

The current bylaws state that the ADGA's purpose is to promote disc golf within Anchorage. I have thought for some time that the ADGA should be an umbrella organization - but as Brian said at the meeting we can't just dissolve the ADGA to make this happen. If we were to do so, the curren ... more

James Beckner   December 18, 2013 at 4:59pm

The Alaska Disc Golf Association needs to be statewide in order to encompass all members. However, i think the volume of members in each region/association should reflect the effort put into each division.

Jeremy Boyd   December 18, 2013 at 5:00pm

sorry, hit return...The current bylaws stipulate that elections are to be held in December of each year. I agree with Kurtis that we need to determine what we want the ADGA to be for the future, but we HAVE to have an elected board in order to renew our non-profit status. In my opinion this need takes imminent precedence over rushing to a decision regarding the mission of the

Jeremy Boyd   December 18, 2013 at 5:09pm

ADGA. (sorry, did it again) If we were to create two separate organizations a great portion of the revenue currently going to the ADGA would be redirected to the new Anchorage club. If this were the case would the Anchorage club fund projects/tournaments in the bowl area while the other local clubs do the same in their respective locales?

Thad Murgatroyd   December 19, 2013 at 1:01am

We need to get a elected board in place, restore our non profit status than we can get down to the business of sorting out Tournament Schedule, Amend the Bylaws that are either incorrect (renewal fee) or no longer apply. I do think we need a Anchorage club . I think we might be able to do it if we d ... more