Travelling Thursday Glow Throwers   November 8, 2013 at 9:12pm

No ace was hit last night . . . $94 and counting

Well I was surprised we did not see an ace hit last night, so I am really hopeful someone hits one next week . . . otherwise there will be a sizable donation to the course funds (which I guess I am just as excited about as paying someone $100).

In Open we had 3 players, Brad Weber had the hot round of the night with (-8), Kevin "Pandaman" Rynders visited the glow league for the first time and shot a (-7) to take the last of the cash. Nathan Zoch deserves a mention even though he finished in 3rd because he had not played Valley View in a few years . . . which means he had never seen 4 or 5 of the current pin positions in play and he chose to come visit it during a glow league. He was one bad throw away from tying Kevin R. also and that would have been a feat given all of those circumstances. Thanks for continuing to support this Travelling league Nathan, and I hope to see you back for the finale next week! Brad remains 7 points ahead of Scott S. and Nathan Z. There will be two trophy spots here so it is up in the air between Scott and Nathan next week.

In Intermediate we had 4 players this week with the three top players (Chad Niezgoda, Greg Klein, and myself tying for the win at (-7) . . . fortunately or unfortunately I do not settle ties during glow leagues for logistical reasons! So the points standings stay the same at the top of the division with Me in first, Greg K. in second, and Chad N. in third. I also looked at our scoring averages and Greg, Chad, and I all are within 3/10ths of a point of each other. There will be three trophy places in this division so Greg K. and Chad N.will be battling next week but Dustin Skorupinski and Keegan Wenzler could also jump into the 3rd spot with good attendance and a hot round next week!

In Recreational we had 3 players again with the newcomer Alex Hoffman (-1) winning this week. Nick Williams who seems to have taken a liking to glow disc golf this season shot (+3) to take the last of the funny money. Shaun Kirchner remains in the lead with Shawn Nyquist missing this week. There will be two trophy spots for this division so depending on attendance this division will likely come down to what I would like to declare the Shaun VS Shawn Show next week. I hear it might even end up on Pay Per View!

Mike Harrington   November 8, 2013 at 11:39am

My apologies go to JD Cottrill whose score I forgot to write down on my spreadhseet so I forgot to enter him here. He had a (-4) on the night in the intermediate division.