Stephen Howard  › First Annual Falcon Flight   October 19, 2013 at 5:36am

Final Update:

The city of Bowling Green has allowed us to use the pavilion next to Hole #8 for this event, so we will be meeting there. Please arrive by 8:45 am so that we can ensure everyone is signed-in and registered for the tournament. If you are unfamiliar with the course, we have attached a course map to the "About" page, and will have physical copies at registration.

The BGSU Disc Golf Club will be providing an optional lunch consisting of 2 slices of XL pizza from Pissanello's, 2 waters, and a bag of chips for $5.00. Please consider supporting the club through this. For headcount purposes, this will be collected at registration.

Please note! Panera Bread will no longer be able to sponsor coffee and bagels for this event. There was some misscommunication with getting approval through Corporate. However, we will have a limited supply of donuts on a first-come first-served basis. On another note, we have received coupons for a free entree at Qdoba, which will be given away in the Jumbo Toss!

We have over 25 prizes confirmed for the Jumbo Toss, from discs, shirts and hats, to restaurant food cards. We will also have a large selection of discs available for purchase prior to the event.