October 12, 2013 at 7:08am


In the spirit of Halloween we are hosting a night golf round on every Thursday night in October Conocido Park in North Phoenix. If you are a first timer or an experienced disc golfer night golf is such a awesome way to play the sport. All you need is led lights, flat 3volt batteries and clear packing or duct tape.
Here is a listing of places you can get your night golf supplies:
- Led bulbs can be purchased at any RadioShack or Fry's Electronics

- Flat 3volt batteries can be bought at any retailer that sells batteries ( I have found that Harbor Freight Tools has a package of 4 batteries for $1.99 which I think is the best value!)

- Any Home Depot has both packaging tape and clear duct tape

- Now if you don't want to buy all the components separately you can buy already assembled night golf disc lights at Spinners on
the Green or at C&S Sporting Goods

Eventually we will be selling supplies at our future night disc golf events!

So please come out and join us and have some fun!