Mike Maffin    October 19, 2009 at 4:18am

Played 2 new courses today. Sunny Hill and Shady Oaks IL.
Sunny hill was pretty awesome. 200-300 foot holes, alot of them aceable. Banged chains with a drive from my black XS on hole 3 but it didn't stick. However on my 3rd round I was joined a local Mr. Joe. His pumkin Roc did stick on hole 3 for a very impressive ace. Good form Joe, good form. See picture of him basking in the glory in my pics. Then off to the 18 hole Shady Oaks. Damn mapquest! I felt like the Kim family (tasteless joke). Almost gave up but I happened to stumble on the cross street on my way back. Wish there were maps but I bumbled my way through it. Almost lost the new Wraith. Found it deep in the mudd in the creek. Pulled it out and there was like 5 leeches on the back. Course was pretty well laid back with some OB's that would make you rethink your throw. You may never find it in those 7ft tall river weeds. Finished off at Willow stream, 1 under. Some kids were wheelin an dealin discs. Traded my SL for a ProDestroyer. Little basterds keep reaching for my bag, had to shoe em' off.