Motor City Chain Gang   August 19, 2013 at 4:15pm

StandingsMDGO Berths For League

Discraft Michigan State Championship Berths
Qualify MA1 Louis Caponi 47.625
Qualify MA1 Ken Mango 47.75
MA1 Justin Hundich 48.375
Qualify MA2 Allen Fleming 47
Qualify MA2 Dustin Hart 47.5
MA2 John Zane 48.625
Qualify MA3 Brandon Dub 49.375
Qualify MA3 Brent Sickel 50
Qualify MA3 Nick Cooke 51.625
MA3 Brady Diller 53
MA3 Mat Stivers 53.125
MA3 Mike Cook 54
Based on best 8 weeks average through 8/12. Must have played 8 weeks to qualify.