2013 Friday Night Discin @ Stony   August 11, 2013 at 3:08am

Let The 2013 Team Stony Playoffs Begin

Two weeks of playoffs for BOTH divisions this year.

Switching teams partners for the ams and stroke play for the pros.

In the ams, Moreno and Watson will enjoy a first round bye and play doubles with the ams who are not in the playoffs. Meanwhile Sand, Oleskie, Ballinger and Bilyeu will have their own battle for 2 spots in the finals. Two players will be eliminated.

In the pro's, Bauman and Gauthier (2J) will have a first round bye while Herzog, Walker, Frase and Bienkowski play heads up for the two spots in the finals.

Players who are in the semi-finals who do not show up lose their spot to the next player in line on the leaderboard. Only on week 19, August 16. Not for the finals.

Check it out...

BTW, You do NOT have to be in the playoffs to play the last two weeks of Friday Night league.