2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   August 1, 2013 at 3:49pm

Wednesday League Week $15

Finally we're done with that gravel pit for the season. The island on 9 got a little squirrely, but not for Dylan and King James. 42 was the low score and proved to be untouchable. Fran brought out his brother James for his first night and Don was nice enough to help him win his money back and then some. Mark Falinski brought out Andrew Ellis and oddly enough they got paired up. Hopefully you guys come back for more. 34 showed and the top spots were:

Dylan/King James - 42 - 56$
Good Twin/James Daher - 44 - 34$
Spencer/Morano - 45 - 28$
Legend/Salisbury - 46 - 10$
KC/Cady - 46 - 10$
Me/G-man - 46 - 10$

We did 3 CTPs on the island hole. Your pool didn't matter, and the winners were;
Falinski, Hartman and Osborn for 11$ each.

Ace pool is up to 34$.

Next week we're back at Oxbow for 4 weeks, then we finish up with 2 weeks at Clay. Things are getting spicy for the top 3 for points. Dylan and KC are closing in, and with Gary gone next week for worlds, who knows? Thanks for coming out.