July 15, 2013 at 1:56am

The Scores are Great!!!

Did anyone look at the scores today? The numbers are getting down there. Also I want to say good job to both our women golfers, word on the coarse is they both sank 100+ ft shots today for birdies on hole 10! Congrats to you both. Our CTP winner this week was Lindsey White, she won $18. Good job Ms. Lindsey. Now as the players who were there this week are aware of, our league disc are in. Justin Dillenger, Bobby Schram, Matt Phillips, Greg Meade, Harly Dean and Jordan Cassidy have been absent of late. I will bring the disc next week to JC, if you are not there next week you will have to get ahold of me to get your disc. As I said we will be at JC next week so I will see you all there. Oh and by the way, those of you who were at the tournament Saturday, and to those of you who were not, because of other plans but promoted it, THANK YOU all. It was a HUGE success.