Utica Disc Golf Club   July 4, 2013 at 6:16pm

Groundbreaking/Recon Mission Accomplished!

Thanks to Ryan Salisbury, Dan and Audra, and myself, we now have a rough sketch of what can potentially be one of the most challenging courses in central NY. The hill is gonna be an arduous task, there are some high weds to contend. The vast space on top by the eagle monument is large enough to do damn near anything. We were able to clear one hole to the immediate right where you enter the woods, and widened the trail just enough to watch Ryan crush a few 350 ft. throws clean through, both ways. There is almost too much forest to contend with but hopefully enough to wind around all the swamp-land. Notes for next time- bring a GPS or topo-program to map the woods and identify swamps, also check out hill directly across from the woods opening and the trail that comes up from the left. LOGO soon!