Dodo’s Amateur Revolution   June 6, 2013 at 9:26pm

What is Dodo's Amateur Revolution

Dodo’s Amateur Revolution

Dodo's Amateur Revolution is a disc golf movement created by amateurs for amateurs. The Lehigh Valley is blessed with world class disc golf courses and several excellent disc golf clubs. D.A.R's objective is to reach out to disc golfers that may be unaware of tournaments and clubs and invite them into the world of organized disc golf activities.
D.A.R wants to sponsor AM only tournaments, with hefty player packs and 100% payouts with an emphasis on creating a fun enjoyable environment and a de-emphasis on competition. In addition to these tournaments D.A.R intends on sponsoring clinics and demo days.
Also, there will be Dodo's Amateur Revolution custom bag tags made available later this season. The tag will get you a 10% discount at Dodo's and half price entry into the end of the year Dodo's Amateur Revolution Championship tournament.
Any amateur organization is only as strong as the amateurs involved. Please stop in Dodo's and inquire about Dodo's Amateur Revolution and help give amateurs a voice in the disc golf community.

• To bring change to the local area for amateur disc golfers.

• Bring more attention to the Amateur players by holding tournaments and events that are geared toward them.

• The D.A.R is for amateurs only. We will be holding events throughout the year geared for new and seasoned amateur disc golfer.

• In all the D.A.R tournaments ALL money will go to the AM players. One thing is to provide a big players pack so everyone feels like they are getting something.

• Offer custom bag tags. Tag cost will be $10 for the 2013/2014 season. With the tag you will receive a 15% discount for the 2013 season and 10% off every season after at Dodo’s Disc Golf Shop.

• We will be offer free clinics throughout the year that are “sponsored” by Dodo’s Disc Golf Shop.

• Our goal is to help the Amateur disc golfers to become a force in the local disc golf scene.