Mike Maffin    September 27, 2009 at 11:16pm

Played 5 rounds today. Found a Beat Beast off of hole 5 @ Twin Creeks park. Pretty cool short course. Check the pics I took of to get an idea. Gonna try to ACE one there before I leave. Then off to Willow Stream Park where the wind was overpowering on the first 7 holes. My dependable hyzer discs would stall out. It was rough. Had lunch and then went to Margerth Reimer Resevoir. Was doing pretty good till I shanked my Beast AGAIN on the SAME hole as yesterday. Spent an hour looking for it. Found a used TeeRex and a used Sidewinder. Next hole found a brand new ProWraith, not a mark on it. Funny thing is I saw a bunch of kids looking for it yesterday. Put you name and number on it you **** stabbers!!! Called the guy on the Sidewinder, real nice guy by the name of Marvin. Turns out he leant the disc to a buddy a year or 2 back and the guy lost it in a lake. That was in Indiana, I found it in Palatine, Illinois, now it's coming back w/me to Oregon. Crazy, just plain crazy that discs can travel like that.