Saint Augustine Friday Evening- Doubles (SAFE-D)   May 25, 2013 at 7:22pm

Memorial weekend Magic in the air

What a night for disc golf in Elkton. There were 13 players, fewer than I expected given the flawless weather and portly Ace Fund.
Among the three cards, we had three eagles; including a "v1" by Billy M & Nick O on hole 15, a duece on hole 8 by Adam R & Walt G, and a laser-shot Ace by Jeff R on hole 19 that paid the lion's share of $500.
As announced the previous week, the league members present yesterday voted on 2 items.
1. Going forward, it has been decided that the mulligan money will go into a course improvement fund (previously this went into the ace fund). 2. We also voted to keep the present payout structure. The payout will be posted on the bulletin board at the course for ease of reference.