May 20, 2013 at 1:41am

Worst shot doubles?????

Well worst shot was very interesting, the scores are very different from normal. We will try this again later in the season, just to shake things up a little. I do want to thank everyone for showing up and also not getting angry and storming off when trees were being hit. I tell ya it sounded like we had a lot of lumberjacks out there today, but to all very good job. Now next week we will be at Cascade and I am aware of it being a holiday weekend, so if ya can make it cool and if ya can't I understand. Now we had 3 CTP winners this week and they were Harley Dean, Rex Loveless and Chuck White. Harley and Rex received prizes donated by Alpha Players and Chuck won $19. Good job to all. I need ideas on the league disc this year, I want to order them in the next couple of weeks so please feel free to let me know what ya want, majority wins on this one, only 1 type of disc can be ordered.
See ya next week