Kalamzoo Disc Golf Consortium   May 16, 2013 at 5:02pm

The Real Deal - We Did It!

I have just been informed by the director of the City of Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation department that a proposal I put forward to the Friends of Recreation for a park improvement grant has been approved!!!!

The amount of $3,600 will be granted to Knollwood Park in order to install concrete pads on the rest of the course, new tee signage, re-chain all of the baskets, and improve garbage collection. There is one catch, as a sort of "payment" for this grant, I have agreed to organize two things, the first being a Summer program teaching children how to play disc golf, anyone interested in volunteering for the program, please contact me through private message and I will keep you updated.

The other thing is a disc golf demo to be put on at the July 19th City of Kalamazoo Golf Outing. This will be an event that I would like to use as an opportunity to showcase the main clubs in Kalamazoo and exhibit, on a small scale, a nine whole doubles event. I will be contacting each of the major clubs in town to seek their participation, if you are interesting in coming to represent any of the clubs, please stay tuned to this page.

I'd like to thank each and every disc golfer for showing me the true potential of the disc golf community to come together and support each others endeavors. I would also like to thank Vibram Disc Golf for the great tournament we put on last Saturday, a thank you goes out to Menna's Joint for taking care of 75 hungry golfers, and also, a huge thank you to Q It Up Catering, they came out and served up some amazing food for our clean up day this month and donated ALL THE MONEY!!!!