Strongarm League of Elkton Disc Golf Enthusiasts   April 26, 2013 at 5:42pm

Back to wide open course (yawn)

The strings have been pulled up and we are back to the regular layout at the Fairgrounds course. Many players wanted to keep the tournament layout, if not permanently then a just a while longer. An individual who shall remain unnamed raised a big stink with somebody up high in the County about getting it returned to normal STAT. So back to the layout without any penalty for errant shots it went, with at least partial help from an inmate work crew I'm told.
Tonight at the SAFE-D meeting (sign up at 5, Tee at 5:15) we will play 23 pad to 24 pin (like the setup from the tournament), and we will have something similar to the last hole(lighthouse on island) from the "Stringed for the Fling" layout.
StrongArm members- Bring your bag tag or send it with someone tonight if you were in the tournament, redistribution will be based on finish in the FF50....