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We are about to enter into our 2013 season. Club memberships will be $12 for the 2013 year which will include a bag tag for the year. If you have a bag tag for the 2012 year you will be able to keep that bag tag once we start our 2013 year. We have some exciting things happening for 2013. We will be offering a variety of Panama City Disc Golf Club t-shirts very soon. We want to have cook-outs this year along with other club events. We plan on having a club ace race with a cash payout, leagues (summer/winter) within the club, glow rounds (play at night), more tournaments with prizes, and other side-games during club play. I know Tim and Chris have some good ideas for the club as well. As you know we are also in talks with the city about developing a new disc golf course this year. We have a lot of exciting things coming up for our 2013 year and hope you will be a part of it.

$12.00 one-time player fee for the league per year. We will not be able to give out bag tags until we submit an order for bag tags to be made. In the past we could give out bag tags to new members as soon as they paid the club membership.

Bag Tag Rules

You need to make a profile on, join/follow the talk on Bag Tag Challenge for our club, and check challenges and news at least once a week to see if you have been challenged. The staff cannot do this for you, you must do it since you have to set up your profile and password.

1. The purpose of the PCCG Bag Tag challenge is to encourage new and seasoned disc golfers to engage in friendly bag tag rounds.
2. Tags must be attached to your bags and carried wherever you are playing and must remain visible at all times.

3. We ask that members who carry tags 1-10 play in at least six 1st Saturday of the month bag tag challenges.

4. You may challenge anyone carrying a tag regardless of how high the defender’s tag number is… (number 85 can challenge number 1).
5. The challenge must be accepted and played within 2 weeks or the defender must graciously forfeit his tag to the challenger.
6. If you MUST leave during a challenge round (for any reason) the defender must again give up his tag to the challenger. (Yes, dire emergencies are different.)

7. At all singles tournaments, tags will be surrendered to any Club Staff member and will be returned by score order after the tournament. Basically, any singles tournament is automatically a Bag Tag tournament for ALL club members in attendance. 8. Personal challenges must be made in person, by email, by phone or on the DiscgolfScene website. Do NOT rely on the website as some do not have constant access to computers or Internet. Phone calls are obviously best.

9. For personal challenges, the parties involved must come up with no less than 2 possible times and locations for the challenge. This will increase the chance that the challenge can be resolved.

10. Once the challenge has been played, results must be reported through and posted on the Leaderboard page, submit updates. If you have no access to do this please let one of the Club Staff members know so that the current rankings can be changed to reflect the challenge.
11. The challenging player determines the course and BOTH parties must agree on the number or rounds with a minimum of 9 holes (one round) being played.
12. Players that tie during a Bag Tag round or Personal Challenge will have a one hole playoff on Hole number one at their current location, closest to the pin wins the tie… OR if ALL parties involved in the tie agree, any hole can be chosen, closest to the pin determines the winner. If multiple players are involved, the closest distance to the pin wins the lowest tag number involved, second closest gets the next higher tag and so on…
13. All Bag Tag challenges must be scored on Scorecards
14. If you lose your tag you may purchase another one with the same number, at your cost.
15. We may also have a prize at the end of the year for the member(s) with the most scores posted on the leaderboard.