Ypsi Dubs 2012/13 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays   April 5, 2013 at 6:03pm

Ypsi Dubs ~={CHURCH}=~ Winter Wrapp-up & News

Ypsi Dubs 2012/13 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays

OK a bit late but wanted to post the final results for the Ypsi Dubs Winter -={Church}=- league.

Thanks Jake Schooley for taking on running this league and posting the data. Thanks Jake and thanks to the many that help out - what a great cooperative effort and what a great group...

OK 20 weeks, 113 player - and a long cold winter but the getting out for Church always warmed my heart - if only it could keep my finger warm....

Solid consitent performances from all at the top of the leaderboard. Bruno edged out his father to take 4th - Keep tossing those pizza's Bruno. Ben Ciccarelli took 3rd and secured his name on the Ypsi Dubs pepetual plague in the lodge again - along with Sam smith in second and Ben Calhoun in 1st. Ben also secured his berth to the Discraft Michigan State Championships this year - Congrats Ben. We look forward to to some great repersentation by many Ypsi Dubs players at this Years State Championships in Ludington. Ben I need to get the Ypsi Dubs growler to etch your name upon the tropie as well.

Theer will be two berths up for grabs during the Ypsi Dubs Summer -={Church}=- league.

Most of you know Ypsi Dubs Church Summer is already in full swing - this year you can miss 4 rounds - best 16 of 20 rounds - see yeah at Church. You know your Mom wants you to go to -={Church}=-

We are also in the process of replacing all the brooms at each tee pad. Mainly we need broom handles. If you see any old brooms we will be happy to re-use them for the course.

We also have permission to start to mark tee pads and basket placement in the new area. We'd like to get a feel for how holes play and then get it all approved.

Steve Wait also expects the branches to be chipped soon and we will have a course improvement day to putthe wood chips where they are really needed.

Congrats and thanks to everyone for another successful

Player Points
1 Ben Calhoun 410
2 Sam Smith 326
3 Ben Ciccarelli 296
4 Bruno Drouillard 272
5 Harvey Drouillard 248
6 Ron Howard 232
7 Chilly Chillson 226
8 Jim (JD) Daniels 216
9 Jake Schooley 198
10 Foz Miller 194
11 Josh Frisinger 190
12 Bobby Mcaleer 186
13 Bob Derkacz 184
14 Derek Trinkle 176
15 Lisa Hartman 152
16 Daemon Stahlin 150
17 Mike Howard 140
18 John Bee 136
19 Kyle Decaussin 134
20 Joe Paczwa 126

Saturday Vienna Dubs
Saturday, April 6 @ 1:00pm Vienna Park, Temperance, MI

"Tara St. Aubin
Kick-Off of Vienna Saturday Dubs / Big Birthday Cook-out

Dont forget, Saturday Dubs will start this Saturday April 6th, which happens to be the leagues admins. 40th Birthday Woop Pee! We will be offering a 8oz Ribeye Steak and our signature Polish Kielbasa for $5 a person after 2nd round, while supplies last. We will also have Jerky and Landjaegers available for sale. We hope to see you all out there to make my day a memorible one. Peace"

2nd Round Saturday Vienna Dubs

Saturday, April 6 @ 4:00pm, Vienna Park, Temperance, MI

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