Black & White   March 24, 2013 at 5:19pm

Traverse City & More

So it looks like we will be heading to Interlochen State Park for some camping for our Traverse City trip. We had a 4-1 vote. I will be making reservations next weekend or so and will be collecting deposits from everyone starting at our Deerfield event. If everyone puts in a $20 for this we should be fine on the reservations and anything that is left over will be used for food, firewood, or beer..the essentials.

I will also start collecting for the MiMPA registration next weekend as well. $34/person will get us into the association as a club and will allow four players to each event for free. Anyone else that comes along on those days we will split the cost among us that day.

One more thing to think about before next weekend is that we are missing 3 course choices from our west side members.

Jimmy Jean
Mike Wolters
Randy Gallagher

These players need to have their courses in for the new season by tee time at Deerfield.