2013 Ottumwa Church Disc Golf League   March 21, 2013 at 10:31pm

League Rules

This League will follow all PDGA rules unless otherwise changed.


To be elliagble to play you must attend a 1 hour service with at least a 20 min sermon or devotion. Players are on an honor system unless two or more players can prove a player did not attend a service. A player that plays a round with out 1st revinling he is not elligable for points will lose all points that week and recive a 5 point penalty.


Scoring this year will change. You are still awarded points but this year you will recive 1 point for each stroke behind the Leader in your Division. If you miss the wee you will take the same number of points as the strokes the leader had.

scoring example
Andy J 58 0 points
Andy s 59 1 Point
Jake B 61 3 Points
Dave H 65 7 Points
Dave B Did not play 58 Points


Rounds will be played as scheduled and any players playing that round will play with no penalty is played at that time. If a player can not play the round at that time they may make up the round up to 7 days prior to the time and day with a 1 stroke penalty and Up to 7 days after the scheduled time of the round with a 2 stroke penalty. This is to keep players from playing on a better weather day. If you are going to make up a round you need to have atleast one other league player with you and must declare this as your make up round before playing. This round will count as your make up. Scores for the round are base on stroke count (Number of Throws). If a player Skips a Hole they will take a 12 Stroke count for that hole. The most Strokes a player can get if they play the hole is 10. A player that abanddens a round (Quits before the end) will take a 12 on all unplayed holes.


This League will play at Wildwood Park, Indian Hills CC, Memorial Park and Pioneer Ridge NC. We may also add Sandy Hills (Eddyville), Franklin Park (Ottumwa), Chippewa Creek (Eldon)

Wildwood Park:
We will play one round of 18 Holes on scheduled weeks. We will play Regular pads 1 week and Pro pads the next time we are there.

Indian Hills:
We will play one round of 18 holes on schedeld week. We will play Long pads one week and short pads the next round.

Memorial Park:
We will play 1 round of 19 holes on scheduled week.

Pioneer Ridge
we will play 2 rounds of 10 holes on scheduled week.

Sanddy Dunes
We will check on the status of poisen ivy at this course before it is added. If played we will play 2 rounds of 9 holes.

Franklin Park:
This is a new course that I am not sure of number of holes or where pads are. If it is a 6 hole corse we would play 3 rounds if used.

Chippewa Creak ( Eldon):
This is the course that i am most sure we will add this year. If played we would play two rounds of 9 holes.

League Fees:

Last year we played for free. We will discus this at a players meeting before season.


All payers will ware Pants or Knee lenth shorts. All players will ware shirts with sleves. You can not play shirtless or with slevelees shirts or Cut off shirts. Clothing must not have any offensive pictures or messages on it. Any player violating this will be given the chance once to change into aproprite dress or they will be DQ from the round.

All players will use Christin type language. NO Cursing. 1 offense will resault in a warning with no penalty. Second Offense will resault in a one stroke penalty. Third Offense will resault in a two stroke penalty. Fourth Offense will result in the player being DQ.


This year we are going to try and add paper score cards. This will be turned in two League scorer to be recorded after all players have initaled the card. Once all players have intaled the card it is offical and can not be changed. No score card can be turned in after 7 days after played round.

Posting of Scores:

Scores will be posted online on this web site as soon as possible by league scorer.