Ben Calhoun  › Party at the Ponds   March 21, 2013 at 3:04pm

Just marked the sandtraps OB- the only ones not in effect will be the one that was far right of #2's long pin as it won't be in play on the short pin, the one on C far left, the one on #4, and the one long and right of #16. If it has paint- it is OB. Only paint marks the OB, ignore old stakes. I made a list to give out. No new OB's.

Cleaned up fallen willow tree on #5 rollers will be throwable now from the long tee.

For those not aware- TONS of PDGA rules changes this year, as up. Some pretty big changes, like 30 seconds begins when you arrive at your disc, you may carry an illegal disc and not be penalized as long as you don't throw it, you can't call yourself or 2nd a footfault on yourself, etc.