William Gilbert  › 2013 No Foolin   March 18, 2013 at 6:57am

Additionally we have an option for players who might want to play and can't afford it. if you work for a company or know a company that is willing to sponsor the event you can play on their dime.
Get a check for $130.00 or $140.00 if not a current PDGA number and your sponsor pays your entry fee.
This does not cover the optional ace pool, park fees or P2P but it is a good start for sure. Get the check to us early enough and you would be eligable for the 45 free discs supplied by discraft for the first 45 paid entrants. Checks will not be accepted day of event sorry.
We are planning on offering this same option for next years winter series although different amount.
Checks made payable to A3disc must be supplied by Tuesday the 3rd of April so it can be deposited.
You and your sponsor(s) will be recognized at the event.