Sunday Snow Throwers   March 16, 2013 at 4:31am


I am headed to Dineen tomorrow hopefully with the man chasing me only 4 points behind Jeromy Morgan. We are going to analyze the tee situation and if they are worth cleaning we will do so. If they are currently too much work to get clean we will simply spray paint a line somewhere with flat snow and no frozen slushy footprints and perhaps put flags in the ground. I just can't trust that all the flags would stay put. EITHER WAY League is at Dineen this week no matter the conditions because it will be the best course regardless. I will post my finding but I hope that it doesn't discourage people from coming out. We only have two weeks left to earn valuable points to try and take home the handmade (at least hand assembled) customize trophies. I hope they will be a coveted trophy for many years to come of the Sunday Snow Throwers League. I've thoroughly enjoyed this league even though I was gone for 3 weeks.

Mike Harrington   March 16, 2013 at 5:07pm

Dan Sinkey and I put a little effort into some of the teepads at Dineen. I marked temporary teepads with orange paint within about 30' of most of the teepads. We did get #4 clear of snow/ice, we cleared a spot on the walkway for #8 and marked it with paint and flags, We also got #9 cleaned and ... more