Sunday Snow Throwers   March 11, 2013 at 12:02am

Dretzka Dedication

Well . . . what more can I say. 11 people and myself still showed up for Sunday Snow Throwers this week. There were two GLDGC board members who were out playing before we started and I heard a couple people out there behind the league.

I do not expect many more rounds to be played at Dretzka this year but I know there will be a lot of people out looking for their lost discs.

In Open we only had one player this week Brad Rathkamp who had a really solid (-9) for the conditions or anytime for that matter.

In Intermediate all of the division contenders were there but the only one to really capitalize for some significant point movement was Jeff Doebert who shot a respectable (-2). Two new-comers Aaron and Adam Schultz tied at (-1) to share second place and getting the last funny money was Jeromy Morgan (E). If only I had hit that 5' putt with my bag on and umbrella in my hand on the first hole, Jeromy and I would have tied. Oh well . . . that will teach me a lesson. I can no longer say "I have never missed a 5' putt in my life."

In Recreational we had Dan Sinkey shoot a (+2) to take the divisional win this week followed by points leader Pat Brah (+5).

In the Unrated division we had David Whiteside winning again with a (+9).

Next week is Estabrook and I sure hope that things are cleaner and less wet for next week. if for some reason Estabrook is unplayable next week I will have to come up with a different plan.

Brian Williams of Dyeluted Discs has asked me to carry some of his customized handcut dyed discs. I can only take cash for them because they are his discs but if you are into dyes please let me know and you can take a look through his high quality stuff.

Check Brian's facebook page for more details . . .