Sunday Snow Throwers   February 25, 2013 at 5:45am

Another week . . . another record turnout!

You guys and gals are awesome . . . we keep setting attendance records and you have definitely given me the enforcement needed to run another winter league in 2013-14. I am even enjoying the turnout I am going to find a way to make this league the full 12 weeks even if we are unable to get back to Dretzka again on 3/10.

Let me first get the Ace Pool out of the way . . . Paul Johnson stood behind the tee on #11 joking about running for aces since he had just missed his birdie putt on the short 140' Hole #10. He asked "What's the ace pool at?" to which I responded "about $30". He let that DX San Marino Roc go with a touch of hyzer and it stayed just outside those little Buckthorn trees on the right side of this 190' hole with a slightly elevated basket. His hands were in the air virtually the whole time and as soon as it started to fade a touch, we all knew he had just called his ace! It was beautiful and definitely worthy of a payout. Congratulations Paul . . . sorry Dave Nelson . . . it looks like you will not be getting that disc back from Paul since that is now his second ace on your old disc.

In Open we saw 11 attendees including some highly rated Pro players. Mark "The Shark" Peterson (Our GLDGC President) showed up and took home the win with a (-10). I suppose it helps that he did design the course.Steve Held ended up in second on the day with a pretty solid (-8). I got to watch the battle for third between Casey Connors (-6) and Paul Johnson (-5) but Mike Finley (-6) was able to tie Casey for third from another group. The final cash spot went to Tom Jenkins . . . our WI Tour Director and all around good guy. He is a recent (past summer) transplant to the Milwaukee area from Appleton and a welcome addition to our local scene. Thanks to all the new people for coming, I hope you had a little fun out there today.

In Advanced we had only one person again Peter Ralph who shot (-4).

In Intermediate we had another good turnout of 9 people. Greg Klein and I (Mike Harrington) tied for the divisional win with (-4). We can play it off next week if you want Greg or just split the points. I will leave that decision up to you. Jeff Doebert ended up in 3rd with his (-3). Jeromy Morgan and Chris Daskam tied for 4th with rounds of (Even Par). Thank Chris for the Cheetos next time you see him. People were bashful and didn't want to take them before the round but after the round they became a popular item.

In Recreational we had the highest attendance we have had too with 7 people. Dan Sinkey moved up from the Unrated division and proved to be competitive in this division too, tying Darrin Ferguson for the win (-1). You two can play that off next week if you are both there or you can split the points. Taking 3rd this week was Steve Harmeyer (+2) and Greg Weber got some more funny money for his (+6). Greg is one of the guys who talked me into running this league whose game is improving. He is getting some funny money every so often now, something he was striving for in the Discin In The Dark Fall Glow League. Congratulations for stepping up your game Greg and thanks for talking me into running the league. I never would have thought we would get 32 people on a Sunday morning in the Snow.

In the Unrated division we saw 3 people including Mike Wright who won the division this week with a (-1). Mike will be moving up to Recreational division since he has played 3 rounds in Unrated and has established what division is most suitable for him. I wouldn't be surprised if Mike and Dan SInkey elevate to the Intermediate division for the next league sessio as their scores are right on the cusp of the two divisions. Taking second this week was David Whiteside with a (+6).

We also had our second Junior of the season Sam Doebert show up. I have seen Sam play over he last year and he has certainly imade improvements. Talk about a kid with confidence, he has it and if you are not careful he may just beat you. Watch out over the next couple of years.

I hope everyone had a good time regardless of their scores . . .it was certainly a beautiful day out there today. Now we just have to hope that snow melts into the ice underneath by next week, or Dretzka will be a tough walk.

As I said at league I am hopeful to play this coming week at Dretzka and then the following week at Dretzka also. I cannot say for certain until a few days before, but this extra snow we just got might actually help keep Dretzka in the ground a little while longer. My plan would be to play:

3/3 Dretzka
3/10 Dretzka
3/17 Estabrook
3/24 Valley View

That would be 4 rounds at each of those 3 courses which I think would be an ideal test of everyones skill for the season.

Steve Harmeyer   February 26, 2013 at 12:01am

Its too bad the Valley View on 3/24 is on the same day that the Rollin Ridge tournament is on, I will most likely miss the last week.

Mike Harrington   February 26, 2013 at 8:25am

Yeah . . . I actually thought about offering a preplay round on Saturday . . . I will let everyone know as we get closer.

Steve Harmeyer   March 3, 2013 at 9:46am

It wouldn't matter for me since I will miss three of the next for league days due to other commitments.