Black & White   February 17, 2013 at 12:57am

Black & White Season 4

Season 3 is almost in the books and its time to start thinking about what's next! With that said we ask that everyone starts putting up courses to nominate for the next season so we can get everything up for a vote and ready to go.

To cap off the third season we will be heading to Lemon Lake for a weekend of six rounds of golf and camping. To keep the tradition of one travel weekend per season Highbridge in Wisconsin and Idlewild / Lincoln Ridge of Kentucky have been put up for a vote. This poll will be posted and everyone will be informed when the voting starts.

Other changes for the new season will be that the club will be converting to Match Play with handicaps to even the playing field for everyone a little further. Also instead of a formal league our events will be consist of tournaments in which points will be able to be accrued for an overall points fund. Points will be awarded once a month for a Black & White event or MiMPA event.

These changes should be great for the club and if there are any questions or concerns on the changes please feel free to contact us!

Please email course nominations to [email redacted]

The cutoff for nominations will be March 31.