Sunday Snow Throwers   February 15, 2013 at 2:01am

Back in the Saddle

Well everyone, I am leaving Norwich, CT at 5:30 PM tomorrow, spending one night on the road and then I will be home late on Saturday. I am hoping the weather is nice so I can get in a few more courses to round out my 32 days on the road. I am excited to return home and to this league. Right non I am sitting at 87 courses played with 2 more tomorrow for sure. I had realistic expectations of 60-75 courses for this trip but was able to play a lot more early on. It's a good thing because the last 5 days of the trip I have only been able to play 5 courses. Add in the effect of my bad back for the previous week and my courses played took a big hit. I am not disappointed with the 90+ course total, but it could have been much more if my back and the weather cooperated. Maybe next year I will do better heading to the SW where the weather is never bad in winter.

Acepool is up to $101 plus whoever signs up this week.

I will for sure be able to provide everyone their funny money by the end of league, but will try to have it all done for when people check in, but that will depend on what time I get in on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Perhaps a trip to Quaker Steak is in order to give me a chance to catch up with everyone and be sure everyone gets their vouchers.

I will be placing some orders for the Firm Laces from Vibram along with some of their new apparel.

I will also be looking to get some of the Prodigy discs in stock but still have to get myself setup with an account.

I had an order come from Innova with some discs and a few other assorted things while I was gone. I am hoping Mike Ellery will be able to bring that along with him if he comes to league, otherwise I will be sure to pick it up before Week #8.

I would also like to get a re-stock of my Dynamic Discs stuff because those were pretty popular.

I also am going to place an order for some of the new driver by MVP called The Shock.

If you have anything specific you are looking for please let me know so I can see what I can do. I should be setup with all of my accounts by the time summer rolls around so I should be able to always carry a little bit of everything.

See you all on Sunday!!!