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Alaska Disc Golf Preliminary 2013 Schedule

Sat 16 - Ice Bowl – Peter’s Creek (Brian)

Sat 11th – Moose Calf Challenge – Homer, Jack Gist (MPDGC)
18/19 – Greatland Cup - Juneau (John S)
25/26 – 27th Memorial Day

Sat 1st – Forest Fling – Girdwood (MPDGC)
Sat 8th – Sun 9th - Gangster Branch Open – Homer, Moose Pretzel (MPDGC)
15/16 – Solstice Tourney – Fairbanks (Cam)
29/30 – Russian Jack – (Jeremy)???

Sat 20th – Sun 21st – AKDGC – Anchorage, Kincaid & PC (Brian, Louie, Kurtis)

3/4 – Hilltop – Anchorage ???
17/18 – Fairbanks Open (Josh)
24/25 - Russian Jack (Tim K.)???
31/1 – 2nd Labor Day

Sat 7th – Sun 8th - Tall Grass Open – Homer, Moose Pretzel (MPDGC)
Sat 21st – Jailhouse – Peter’s Creek (Louie)
Sat 28th – Skyview Eagle Open – Kenai/Soldotna (MPDGC)

12/13 – Season Finale/AK Doubles Championships – Anchorage, Kincaid???
Sat 26th – Fall Tourney – Homer, Jack Gist (MPDGC)

Sat 16th - Turkey Tourney – Anchorage, Westchester (Brian)

Others: Ace Race (Louie)???

Alaska Disc Golf Association
Club Meeting - 2/5/13 7 pm
Call: (712)432-1000
Code: 524453342

1. ADGA Positions/Responsibilities for 2013:

Kurtis Schoenberg – President/Homer rep.
Edan Badajos - Vice President/Secretary/Moose Pretzel rep.
Brian Gutzwiller - Parks and Rec. Liaison/Course Maint. Coordinator
Louie Orozco - Treasurer/Leagues/Membership Coordinator
Josh Jones - PDGA State Coordinator/Fairbanks rep.
Tim K. - Russian Jack/Westchester rep.
Thad G. – Course Maint./ Merchandise
John S. - Juneau rep.
Andrew J. - Kenai/Soldotna rep.
Jerry Lavine – Media
Andrew D – Sponsorship/Website??
Jeremy B, Adam K, Patrick M – Leagues/Tournament Directors?
Charlie A. – Strongside DG/Fairbanks rep.
Hilltop rep.???
Girdwood rep. (Jackson)???

2. Ice Bowl Update – Brian – (PC Fundraiser?)

3. Hilltop Update – Brian - We would like to renew our equipment lease agreement with Hilltop at a yearly rate of $1000 with ADGA members still receiving discounted fees.

4. Westchester Update – Tim K

5. Peter’s Creek Update – Edan/Brian/Tim K - The ADGA is planning a large scale course maintenance project at Peter's Creek. We would like to install cement tee pads on all holes to provide better footing for players. Other modifications may be made to improve safety and fair play. The goal is to complete this project by mid-July so that the course will be ready to host states. Brian (construction plan) Tim K (contact local golfers) Edan (contact Frolf for Fletcher)

6. Fundraising/Tournament Merchandise – The ADGA will be selling discs and other equipment to raise money for course maintenance projects (Prodigy). Edan and Thad G. will be responsible for ordering discs for tournaments and fundraising.

7. Alaska Disc Golf Championships Update - Due to the increased number of participants at states this year, we will need to have the tournament at two different courses in 2013. The 2013 AKDGC will be held at Kincaid and Peter’s Creek with different divisions playing the courses on different days. We will have two Tournament Directors each day, one for Kincaid and one for PC. Brian will be the Head Tournament Director and Louie and Kurtis will be assistant TDs.

Note: The ADGA will continue to use the social networking site Disc Golf Scene as a discussion board and to post information on tournaments, leagues, club announcements, and other info. The ADGA will also maintain the current Alaskadiscgolf.com website.