Winter Sunday Doubles at Rockburn   February 4, 2013 at 6:58pm

Week 12

Scores were tight at the Rock last Sunday, with only one group finishing over par. It was only right that we would have an epic playoff battle prior to what turned out to be an exciting super bowl. With a 52, team Service/Champ edged out teams BB/Watson and Gary/Bobby by a narrow margin, after several lead changes during regulation. From another group Team Steve/Peyton carded a 52 as well. What happened next will live forever in Rockburn legend. 1st playoff hole is always from 1 tee to 6 basket. After the drives, both teams had tough looks to score the 3 that would most likely ensure victory. Service/Champ's upshot landed about 60ft away with a small window to drain the 3. Steve/Peyton's second on this hole was a 200ft tomahawk, that seemed to vanish in the clouds, which landed 35ft away from 6c. After Service' put sailed 30ft past the pin Steve and I start to feel like we got it. Then, like a true champion, Champ hits the Robert Meyer sign on the bottom of the basket, giving them the drop in 4. Steve/Peyton watch the winning 3rd shot skip in and out of the basket. Sudden death continues. Next playoff hole is from 8 tee to 9b(over the creek). Service cans an 80 footer for 5 after he and Champ are both wet on their third shots. Steve and I struggle through the woods between 8c and 9's creek. With all the cash on the line I was able to hit a 35 footer for a 5 to tie and keep the battle going. Next up 17 tee to 18 long. Nothing sexy of the tee. After chopping our way through the valley of shame both teams recorded a 5. So there we were after 4 hours of disc golf madness. Should we just split the cash and call it a day? Tell ya what, lets flip to see if we play one more playoff hole. Heads we do one more, tails we end this. Heads it is! Our final playoff hole is 18 tee to 18 long. Service/Champ are still up first. Both of their drives end up down the middle by the opening past the big trees, with decent but not easy upshots. After Steve pulls one to the right, I unleash a monster flick which misses the everything and sets us up for an easy 3 and a last minute W. But wait, Service throws a rare backhand from 200 up the right gap and parks it for an even easier 3. It's a tie and this ends this tale of Rockburn doubles. Thanks again to all who continue to support Rockburn. Ace pot is over 300 bucks. See you next Sunday!

Jeff Fischetti   February 5, 2013 at 8:37am

This is how legends are born....Great battle to all. Champ, what can I say.....I bow to your skills.

Chris Watson   February 8, 2013 at 10:33pm

Service killed it all day.

M Peyton   February 9, 2013 at 4:00pm

I found your mini Chris.