24 Cha!ns Winter 2012-2013   February 1, 2013 at 2:03pm

Sunday's game @ BRATS !!!!! 9:30 meet and greet 10:00 Tee

CHAAAAAA!!!! This week be no different than the last, as we hit the scene and cast ye votes. The tally be tolled and the Pirates of 24 Cha!ns deem we set sail for Calhoun Country!! In the out skirts of Ann Arbor lay a mystical land tended to by Terry Calhoun, known as BRATS Disc Golf Course. Not many can say they have a course tucked away in their back yard, so this be a special course ye Pirates sail for. This be not a place to plunder, but a place for a Pirate to vacation. But don't get to lax, as there always be a scoundrel trying to take thy Admirals Ace Pool. Quarters, dirties, and all the usual side games be on the docket. We are only a stones throw from the Bay, so provisions shouldn't be an issue. Make sure to stock up before weighing anchor. 'Tis be a reminder that this be a Private Course, and we must follow the code at the highest level. See all you scurvy dogs Sunday. 9:30am meet time, 10am tee off.