Sunday Snow Throwers   January 29, 2013 at 12:32am

Week #5 Estabrook Recap

We had another good turnout of 17 people show up this week for Estabrook under moderate temperatures but some icy teepads. I appreciate your loyal attendance to this league, and look forward to coming home to compete for the final weeks of the league.

In Open we saw 7 people play:
Bob Bawden (-6) won the tiebreaker for the extra 1.5 points over Scott Slauson and Paul Johnson. Scott Mushall (-4) attended this league for the first time and took home the last cash. Scott Slauson also won the Divisional CTP.

In Intermediate we had a light attendance with regulars Vince Johnson (-3) and Chan Niezgoda (-2) edging out another regular and next week League Director Matt Atherton by only one stroke. I expect Matt to play well at Dretzka in Week 6.Vince also won the Divisional CTP.

In Recreational we had a pretty typical 5 players this week.
Steve Harmeyer (-2) bested the field with the only under par score. Pat Brah finished in 2nd with a (+1) and Greg Weber and JD Cottrill (+5) tied for the last cash spot to take home some funny money (albeit $1 each). JD also won the divisional CTP.

In Unrated we had two new players to Sunday Snow Throwers:
Mike Wright ended up in 2nd but he did win the divisional CTP. Dan Sinkey (+4) took down the win and the OVERALL RING OF FIRE CONTEST which I wanted to offer to celebrate playing my 500th course.

Matt Atherton will be the League Director this coming week at Dretzka Winter. He will have all of the cash to payout the pros as well as the money to payout the ACE POOL ($82+) in case it gets hit. I don't want to be greedy but I hope it flips over to Valley View on 2/17 because I will be there and I expect multiple aces to make up for lost time.

If you won any funny money from this week or prior weeks I am keeping a running tally and will have all those vouchers available on 2/17 at Valley View when I return home. I have not decided on what the Special 500th course Ring of Fire Contest will be, but it will be a small package of prizes.

Mike Harrington   January 28, 2013 at 8:19pm

Apparently I am unable to edit these posts . . . I forgot to thank Scott Slauson for running the league in Week #5. He got me the scores on Sunday evening, but I did not have time to post them Sunday Night, then I was out all day playing 5 new courses between Raleigh and Durham, NC.