Disc Fanatics of Kansas   January 24, 2013 at 4:35am

Fairmont Park Next Nine: Design & Test Stage

Starting this Sunday, January 27th, the Disc Fanatics of Kansas will once again begin working on designing & testing layouts in the "next nine" course expansion area. This will be a trial & error process that will give lots of people an opportunity to play & suggest multiple options... including you!

WHO: Local disc golfers.
WHAT: Bring your portable basket to help create a temporary course for the afternoon.
WHEN: 1:00pm basket set-up. Casual Play to follow directly... approx. 1:30pm - 1:45pm?
WHERE: Fairmont Park expansion area, beginning southwest of existing fairway #2.
HOW: Play the temporary course layout as it is set-up on this Sunday.
Play a different layout set-up in two weeks (Sunday, Feb. 10th) to see even more options.
More lay-outs will be tested if needed in following weeks until we create a consensus best layout...

So if you can attend this Sunday, Jan. 27th, get your portable basket ready and come to the Fairmont Park expansion area.
Stay tuned for more specific details & instructions regarding this event in the following days.

See you soon!

Rick Petrie   January 24, 2013 at 10:49pm

I should also point out that this will be more of an "open house" type of event. Meaning people will be able to play at their leisure, come & go as you wish, time permitting maybe even multiple layouts. Point being, course design rather than standard competition.