Winter Sunday Doubles at Rockburn   January 15, 2013 at 8:41am

Week Nine

Congratulations to Waymon and Gary for a solid performance Sunday. They took all the cash with a 2 down dispite the wet conditions. Thats three out of three for Peet. Its too bad you haven't been out more often, you might be leading this thing. Instead it's Peyton in first, Gary in second and my man Travis in third. I'm working on some sweet trophies for the top 10. Jim took the ctp on hole 13 this week. Also like to welcome a couple new heads to Sunday dubs, Spencer and Jordan. Both guys have a good grasp on the sport and should improve quickly playing dubs with experienced locals.

After careful consideration I have decided that the money we have raised, and continue to raise for Rockburn, should initially be used to purchase a new basket. I also believe this basket should be dedicated to DJ. He not only donated the first batch of discs for our ctp contest but more importantly he is also serving our country on active duty in the Army. It's because of people like him that we are able be out there throwing plastic at chains like it means something. What a great way to show our appreciation. We love you brother!

Congrats to Fred for taking the one tag Sunday. He beat some good players out there. Thank God I couldnt stay for the match! See you Sunday...