William Gilbert  › Hudson Mills Metropark   January 15, 2013 at 4:51am

So for those of you who may not be aware or don't know the details. A3 has been running a winter series of tournaments.
8 events at 8 different courses. event 5 at willow was yesterday. Event 6 is at cass on the 27th, Event 7 is at Kensington and the final event at Hudson mills.
The Corrigan Propane Winter Warmer Series has 8 events with a final 9 for the top 4 players in every division. CTP's at every tournament. We have been paying 130% to AM's and adding some cash for the PRO's as well. Each event is $25, the AM’s get a player pack, optional $1 ace pool which if no aces are hit carries to the next event and there have not been any aces so far. You must buy into the series to get into the finals and you must play in a minimum of 3 events to qualify for the finals. Buy in is 2 new or slightly used discs Z or Champion plastic or better, no grooves; discs are accepted at the TD’s discretion, discs cannot be written on, or $18 and we will put 2 discs in for you.
The most important thing to be aware of is that the finals at Hudson mills the players who make the final 9 will share in $600 in cash or merchandise which came from the sponsors money, corrigan propane. the AM1, AM2, PRO, Am Master divisions are very lightly attended and leave open the possibilitys that a person could play in the final 3 events and still get into the final 9. AM3 and AM4 are both busy with 6 or so players in the series.
the cash or merch will be divided by number of players in the series in each division. You must attend the finals to get a share of the payouts points only help you get a spot in the finals.
7 Pro’s with the maximum pts of 12
6 AM1’s with the maximum pts of 11
1 AM2 with pts of 12
10 AM3’s with the maximum pts of 48
6 AM4’s with the maximum pts of 35.5
1 AM Master with 4 pts