Sunday Snow Throwers   January 9, 2013 at 8:44pm

League Announcement

Hello everyone,

As I prepare for my month long roadtrip to play a minimum of 50-60 different courses around this country, I wanted to make an announcement to make sure everyone understands what to expect on the 3 weeks of league while I am gone.

1/20 will be at Valley View and Mike Ellery will be running the league
1/27 will be at Estabrook and Scott Slauson will be the league director
2/3 is at Dretzka and Matt Atherton will make sure things run smoothly

Mike, Scott, and Matt will pay out the pros from the week before in cash, but the funny money will be held until I return, rest assured I will be doing all of the math and bring all of the vouchers on 2/17 to handout. I am not expecting these three to carry all of my discs and such with them for this league so the funny money wouldn't technically be usable until I return home anyways. I hope you understand, and if there is something specific you want to reserve, please just send me a message and I will check my inventory for you when I return. I will leave the decision up to Mike, Scott, and Matt on how to run a CTP, Ring of Fire, or whatever else they would like to do as a side game. If no side game is run, then those funds will be simply included with the weekly payout.

Thank you for your understanding, I will try to bring back some goodies from my road-trip for some of our future side games and give-a-ways.

Mike Harrington